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Racing against time to save all forms of robotic activity. Creating a common platform for developers and the market.

Collaborative working at an international level. Product availability and learning opportunities for everybody.

Robust networks

B2B, B2C, C2C networking and end-user agreeements are a pre-requisite to reliable advertising, sales and purchase of robotic components and robots. Mass purchases also involve financial arrangements with legal frameworks. Where necessary governments and defence bodies may need to authorise transactions.


Carbon friendly

Active environmental engagement. Comprehensive studies of all materials used in producing and running robots.

Global distribution

Direct, indirect and peer to peer markets involving individuals, companies, research teams and universities.

Nano tech to Bio tech

Hands on practical usage with due diligence carried out regarding patents and legal use of robots.

Vu Robot

Artificial intelligence

Innovative technologies

Composite materials

Energy efficient

Social networking

Deep Qube read only

Software drivers

Object oriented hardware


NAO, Asimo, Jibo etc



NAO evolving user friendly robot

Asimo advanced Honda robot

Jibo social and family robot

Dyson floor cleaning robot

Dost friendly desi robot (coming 2016)

Puchku children's robot (coming 2016)




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